Expertise in Online Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, e-Commerce, Technology

– Pioneered the Affiliate Marketing space as the VP International with Commission Junction (CJ), creating and expanding CJ’s affiliate network internationally.

– Spearheaded the modernization of a Publisher UI with first ever “Offer Basket”, “Digital IO”, “Dynamic Bid Adjustments”, and “XML to Smart Links Promotions” with World Avenue.

– Created an advertising platform with fully customizable links extending the concept of XML to Smart Links with simple controls and unified ecpm/ecpc reporting with OnwardClick and EnContext Advertising.

– Managed the setup and customization of servers’ infrastructure to launch an Ad serving solution that handles 50 million searches daily in 40 countries and delivers BOT free traffic to our customers.

– Created and launched 20 web properties using a unique interface management to switch templates, change ads display on the fly, customize data base and other functionality.  Websites include, shopnsave.word,,, and another 15 e-commerce web properties.

Expertise in Entertainment with Disney, Warner Bros., Online Publishing and Streaming

* Initiated and supervised the creation of content for over 20 websites that feature articles and reviews spanning from sports and Fashion to home and movies.  Sites include, a video streaming website offering entertainment related reviews and articles.

* Established Disney and Warner as the premier film distributors in Asia pioneering film and video distribution in Asia and developing the technology that allowed Day and Date releases of major feature films overseas.

* Spearheaded the modernization of film, TV and Video releases as well as dubbing in local languages of major film and video releases including “The Little Mermaid”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Lyon King” for Disney and more.  

* Oversaw the release of the first ever profit-sharing feature release in China, “The Fugitive” for Warner Bros. ensuring the vast success of this movie in that country

* Created a digital/optical wired platform to enable studios to oversee and manage postproduction of film overseas to insure full control of film quality and advertising elements.

Business, Technical and Creative Expertise

My experience span from operations, team building and international expansion to Affiliate Marketing and advertising on most digital media platforms along with creative thinking to spun content that delivers customers.

Some of my technology experience include:

@ Ad Server technology, Apache/CPanel, Data Base Management (MySQL, NoSQL, Maria, etc.), Complex Analytic, API Reporting & Visualization.

@ Designed with developers and managed the coding and launch of ad platforms serving publishers (NuTech) as well as Ad serving and management platform (OnwardClick) and media platform for streaming (The Last Picture Show) 

@ Web-security, Brand Name Protection, Traffic Integrity, Traffic Scoring & Filtration, Cloud Storage and Cloud Computing, email Management & Distribution.

@ Facebook, Google (inc. Authorized Reseller), BING, Yahoo advertising, data mining, keyword search and optimization, Google Analytics and other advanced analytic tools.

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