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Steve Job helped redefine and revive Apple with a simple statement: "Think Different", two words that propelled Apple to the position of dominance they enjoy today

While simple, "Think Different" helped redefine Apple and propelled the company to their dominant position, "Think Different" today must start with an innovative and effective digital strategy.


Innovation starts with ensuring that your goals are set on solid ground and we can help thanks to our complementary assessment

  • Do you have an innovative approach to marketing, advertising, and client services?
  • Do you fully know and manage your customers’ expectation vs. needs?
  • Are you actively pursuing Social Media influencers and have an aggressive posting campaign?
  • Are you exploring “smart” Search Engine Marketing using XML, RTB, PPA options?
  • Do you utilize e-Mail, newsletter and promotional campaigns to capture customers or up-sale?
  • Did you implement a long-term SEO strategy to insure natural traffic?


The road to success is hardly a straight one. Our job is to help you navigate each turn to ensure that you reach your goals

  • Is your product or service fully in-line with your customers’ expectations and do you engage them enough?
  • Are you on top of what they expect and need to see, read, or feel to trigger the desired action?
  • Are you using the right mix of marketing and advertising channels to target and engage the right customers?
  • Are your actionable pages simple and inviting, and work seamlessly
  • Is your support responsive? What about your after sale? Do they convert buyers into life-time customers?
  • Do you engage unhappy customers who leave bad reviews and insure that their concerns are addressed?


As the saying goes, "The devil is in the detail" and the same applies to how you need to approach the implementation of your digital strategy

  • Measuring the effectiveness of your customer service policy and response
  • Measuring the effectiveness of your advertising and messaging
  • Measuring your Social Media campaign
  • Measuring your SEM, XML PPC, RTB and Affiliate Marketing
  • Measuring your e-Mail, newsletter, promotional campaign
  • Measuring your SEO effectiveness


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